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Fashion: Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2014 Couture

“a reimagining of a ride on the Orient Express”

I love how classic and retro her clothes feel. And they look so luxe!

boarding the Orient Express

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Film: Short Film of an Empty Paris

This makes me miss Paris a whole hell of a lot.

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Travel: Backpacks

So I recently traveled to Italy.
I went at the beginning of August.
The absolute worst time to go weather-wise, and if you want things to actually be open.
But I had a great time regardless.

Before I left I bought two backpacks that were amazing and I thought I’d write a post about them.

1) North Face – Women’s Surge II
in black and turquoise
Features that I like:
– comfortable straps that fit my frame
– laptop compartment (separate from the main compartment)
– nice zippers that don’t stick
– tons of pockets and internal compartments (I actually use almost all of them)
– hipbelt that I can stow if I don’t want to use it (helps distribute the weight when it was really heavy carrying a ton of stuff)
– side water bottle pocket
– holds a lot of stuff
Overall I love this backpack, and once it wears out I will probably replace it with another North Face. Highly recommended.

2) Pacsafe – Camsafe Venture V16 Slingpack
in black
Features that I like:
– sits comfortably on my body
– I can sling it around to get to my camera without having to take it off
– there is a stabilizer strap to secure it from the other side
– multiple internal compartments and pockets
– side waterbottle pocket (or tripod)
– can hold a tablet / small computer (separate compartment)
– remove-able padded camera compartment
– “Tamper-proof zippers/compartments that lock or latch on to a spring-loaded metal clip thwarts pickpockets.”
Traveling to Italy I wanted a backpack that would be a bit harder for pick pockets to get into. Obviously if they were going to steal my stuff they were going to steal it regardless, but I wanted to make it a little harder. And you can choose to not secure the zippers if you want. Overall if you ignore the theft deterrent features this is still a really great camera backpack. I’m really pleased with it. I have a really nice DSLR and this is a much easier way to take it with me while I am out and about. Also highly recommended.

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Art: Sven Fennema, Forgotten Places

As you all can tell from my Abandoned Places post I love empty buildings and abandoned places.
And I’ve seen some of these pictures floating around Tumblr and was enraptured by them.
These are not places you can visit as I unfortunately don’t know where they are.
However, you can own a piece of this beauty as these are pictures by a German photographer named Sven Fennema.

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Travel: Abandoned Places

Another great Buzzfeed List: The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

Abandoned places are so gorgeous and evoke so many emotions as well as stir a sense of mystery.

Some of my favorites:

Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert

Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert

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