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Art: Frozen Bubbles

Art: Frozen Bubbles

Photographer Angela Kelly and her son blow bubbles in 15 degree weather and the results are stunning.

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Fashion: Maintaining the Illusion

I read an article over at Jezebel called Even if Fashion Is an ‘Illusion,’ It Still Has to Face Reality.


“As it stands right now, fashion is an illusion. It does not map onto real life. As the British Vogue film strives to show, it promotes an impossible ideal of beauty and body size. And, as the WaPo article argues, it’s an illusion in other ways as well: the industry continues to be hideously whitewashed even as America grows more diverse and countless mass retailers are propped up by unlawful and completely unethical labor practices. Acknowledging that “fashion imagery does not equal reality” is a good first step, but the real solution lies in making the world of fashion more accurately represent the real world — not in insinuating that it has no responsibility to.”

In reading this article I can’t help but think of how popular fashion bloggers have become.
And fashion bloggers are almost the anti-thesis of what fashion magazines claim their readers want.
A person who blogs about fashion (usually) looks like a real person, doesn’t have the technical skills to be overly photoshopped, and can’t afford to  wear “inspirational” clothes.
I’ve always been bothered by the fashion spreads as inspiration and so there is nothing in there a real person can afford.
I love fashion spreads as art, yes, I do not mean to diminish their beauty and importance in finding inspiration in fashion.
But I believe that those artful and amazing fashion spreads need to be interspersed with other features in a magazine that show clothes the reader can actually buy, and outfits they can actually put together.
And I think this is the void that fashion bloggers fill.
In a way I have sometimes found Tavi to be more inspirational than any fashion magazine I have read in the past 3 years.
And I’m not even going to start in on the fact that I haven’t seen a good fashion spread in a long time.
And I love beautiful actresses, but they are not models.

I think that fashion magazines have begun the march towards becoming obsolete because they are completely unaware of their own failings.

Everything has gotten so detached from reality that it’s just untenable.
And I don’t know where the Grace Coddington I fell in love with went.
All of Vogue is just ads, and half of the ads have ugly clothes in them.
And I love high quality products, they make me swoon, but I don’t love the industry.
I mean a well made purse is fabulous, but Marc Jacobs, 400 dollars for fake leather??? ARE YOU KIDDING?
Because I’m certainly not buying that.
I don’t agree with buying something just for the name. And I don’t like brand recognition.
I don’t want someone I see on the street to know how much I paid for something, I don’t choose my purses as status symbols. I choose them because I love the leather and the look of them. If they are a no-name brand, are well made, and don’t cost 400 dollars all the better!
Selling an “image” is so much a part of the white-washing and “illusion” problem.
You’re buying the Marc Jacob’s girl status. Her image. Who she is. She’s a slightly edgy rich white girl.
I just want to buy a purse.
I want to express my own self, my sense of style, my personality, not a designer’s.
I don’t need to see an “illusion” to be inspired. How very little imagination they must think we all have.
I know for myself it’s so hard to imagine a piece on myself when it’s on a model who looks so different, much smaller, a different shape, and different coloring.
Maybe if magazines actually showed how to convert trends in real life wear-ability people would be able to dress better.

I have a lot of feelings about fashion.
And the above is a bit of a jumble.
But the point is that I agree with the Jezebel article, and I hope the fashion industry gets a reality check.

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