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Science: The Polar Vortex Explained

NPR asks: What Is The Polar Vortex And Why Is It Doing This To Us?

also, they use this picture, which is just awesome:

Meanwhile, here in Virginia, it feels like Boston.
I finally have an excuse to dress for real winter weather.
I kind of missed the cold…

Everyone else in Virginia:

I pulled this meme from a good article explaining the polar vortex: Go home, Arctic, You’re Drunk.

And then, this weekend it is forecasted to be close to 60 degrees. Gross. I hate these extreme temperature fluxuations.


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Internets: Icy Lake Michigan

“Lake Michigan has turned into a sea of ice balls in Glen Arbor”
The video description explains:
“Ice boulders have returned to Lake Michigan in Glen Arbor. The giant ice balls form in just-below-freezing water and start as small chunks of ice. The boulders grow layer-by-layer, getting shaped the waves before washing up on Lake Michigan shore.”
Absolutely mesmerizing.

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Art: Frozen Bubbles

Art: Frozen Bubbles

Photographer Angela Kelly and her son blow bubbles in 15 degree weather and the results are stunning.

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