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Film: Girl Rising

Women and Hollywood coverage: “Regal Cinemas Bringing Girl Rising to Theaters

There is this amazing documentary coming to theaters.
And it’s about educating girls.
It’s called Girl Rising.

The best way to improve the status of women in the world is through access in education.
And there are many places in the world where girls cannot get an education.
This movie tells the stories of 9 girls from 9 countries.
Education can change the world.
And it is one of the tools to help women reach full equality worldwide.

Overall it looks like an incredibly powerful movie.
And it’s amazing how many wonderful actresses are behind this project.

The Trailer:



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Culture: Feminism and Sex Workers

I read a really interesting article called “The War on Sex Workers“.

A good summary would be this quote:

“It is not sex work that exposes sex workers to violence; it is our willingness to abandon sex workers to violence in an attempt to control their behavior. Prohibition makes prostitution more dangerous than it would otherwise be by pushing it underground and stripping sex workers of legal protection. The fight over that policy is about more than just strains between generations of feminism. It is about an unholy marriage of feminism with the conservatism and police power that many feminists claim to stand against.”

I found it via an article on Feministe.

I didn’t realize that there are people working against “sex/human trafficking” that are not actually talking about people that are kidnapped and forced against their will. That is completely not the same thing as prostitution. What the hell?

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Culture: Sasheer Meets Her Flasher

Chioke Nassor’s Storytime: Sasheer Meets Her Flasher

This is so on point! Love her.

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July 31, 2012 · 16:15

Culture: Online, Misogyny is Alive and Well.

Jezebel nailed it, per usual.

The harassment of this woman just trying to express her viewpoint is par for the course for women online. And is proof that misogyny is not dead. Unfortunately. And it is really sad, and numbing, and depressing. Sigh.

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Fashion: Book Clutches

Lolita Book Clutch

Lolita Book Clutch

Olympia Le-TanYou Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover, September 2009

So gorgeous! I want Lolita and The Bell Jar. Absolutely brilliant.

Olympia Le-Tan: You Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover

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