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Art: Naked Man Statue on Campus

There is a life-like naked man statue on Wellesley College’s campus. It’s my alma mater, and it’s a women’s college.

the statue, titled "The Sleepwalker" (source: Jezebel)

the statue, titled “The Sleepwalker” (source: Jezebel)

Media Coverage:

  1. Gawker
  2. Jezebel
  3. Boston Globe (as far as I can tell the media coverage started here)

And I’m not linking to the ridiculous other articles that are really disrespectful.
Do yourself a favor and remember not to read the comments.

Responses from Wellesley College Alumnae:

  1. Gaining Perspective: The Wellesley Debate (a piece written for HollaBack Boston)
  2. The Sleepwalker’s Dream (an art piece inspired by the statue)

And the statue now has a twitter account.

Basically, my 2 cents is this:

  1. the coverage of this event is really rude and disrespectful to the women who are affected by this statue
  2. the statue is in the home of the students and they are the ones who should decide if it stays or goes (no one comes into your home forcing art on you)
  3. and how is it ok to keep forcing an art piece on a person who has their PTSD triggered by it?

I also think that if this was about a piece of art that was triggering soldiers with PTSD it would be an entirely different conversation.

And comments are turned off, because I don’t want to fight with the internet.


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Film and TV: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of my favorite actors. He is one of the rare few actors where I will watch their entire filmography, just for their performance. His death is such a great loss for the art of filmmaking and of theater. I had expected to be able to watch him in films for years and years to come. I can’t even voice how much my heart hurts thinking of the artistic loss. And the loss of a human life, a flawed and beautiful human life.

I think of all celebrity deaths recently, or in my recent memory, this one is hitting me the hardest. And the only thing I can really do is gather together my opinions, and the things I have read on the internet, into a blog post.

A great article on his acting style and his career in general is from the Monkey See pop culture blog on NPR: Philip Seymour Hoffman And The Blessings Of Friction. It’s where I got the following quote:

“His career never peaked; it just rang out over and over, and the pain of it for selfish admirers is that the peak might still have been coming. We lost at least 30 years of work yesterday; and 30 years before yesterday, he hadn’t even been onscreen yet. He was then seven years away from his screen debut […] More than half, in all likelihood, that’s what we lost. And it’s so sad.” – Linda Holmes, Monkey See Blog, NPR

You can see all the movies he has been in on his IMDB page.

My favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman performances (that I have seen so far) are

  1. The Talented Mr. Ripley
  2. Pirate Radio
  3. Doubt
  4. Almost Famous
  5. Capote

One of my facebook friends posted this great New York Times article about him from 2008: A Higher Calling

A great companion piece on addiction is Russell Brand: my life without drugs.

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Internets: Icy Lake Michigan

“Lake Michigan has turned into a sea of ice balls in Glen Arbor”
The video description explains:
“Ice boulders have returned to Lake Michigan in Glen Arbor. The giant ice balls form in just-below-freezing water and start as small chunks of ice. The boulders grow layer-by-layer, getting shaped the waves before washing up on Lake Michigan shore.”
Absolutely mesmerizing.

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Music: The 1975

I’ve been really into Brit rock recently.
And the radio turned me on to The 1975.
Their song “Sex” immediately caught my attention.
It reminds me of my teenage years.
Which is a bit disconcerting, feeling that teenage heartache again.
But also so cathartic and addictive.
Plus their album is spectacular.
I advise looking up the lyrics, all the better to feel those feelings.

Songs after the cut.

Continue reading

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Me: A New Category

You may have noticed a new category that popped up.
My first Me post was to inaugurate little updates about me into the blog.
But then I decided that I would also begin posting my essays that I want to write, about myself obviously.
So watch this space for my musings, observations, and opinions!

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Society: SCOTUS and Gay Marriage

Best coverage:
SCOTUS blog Friday Round Up

Buzzfeed: What Actually Happened At The Supreme Court



and YAY!

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Feminism: Rape and Self-Defense

If we teach women that there are only certain ways they may acceptably behave, we should not be surprised when they behave in those ways.

And we should not be surprised when they behave these ways during attempted or completed rapes.

This blog post is one of the best summaries of the whole rape culture thing.
Both quotes (above and below) are from the above linked blog post.

The way men and women interact on a daily basis is the way they interact when rape occurs. The social dynamics we see at play between men and women are the same social dynamics that cause men to feel rape is okay, and women to feel they have no right to object. And if you accept those social interactions as normal and appropriate in your day to day life, there is absolutely no reason you should be shocked that rape occurs without screaming, without fighting, without bruising, without provocation, and without prosecution. Behavior exists on a continuum. Rape doesn’t inhabit its own little corner of the world, where everything is suddenly all different now. The behavior you accept today is the behavior that becomes rape tomorrow. And you very well might accept it then, too.

And this is why all women need to take self-defense classes.
We have to practice defending ourselves.
I took self-defense classes at DC Impact and it was transformative.
Every woman in my class had a horrible experience related to sexual assault.
Every. single. woman. in. that. class.
And I saw every woman in my self-defense class work through that socialization of don’t be mean, apologize for hurting someone’s feelings (even when they are attacking you!) etc. etc. And it was only by the end of the class that we were all able to stand up for ourselves to protect ourselves from bodily harm. And it was inspiring.
I believe we maintain a state of denial about harassment happening because it’s not as scary if we pretend it doesn’t happen. Because it’s frightening to admit that this happens ALL THE TIME.
But in order for it to change we have to be able to confront it.
And when I mention self defense to the women in my life every single one of them expresses concern along the lines of “I don’t know what to do in the face of an attack”.
Self-defense is really important.
And I feel strongly that every woman should be able to protect herself from harm.
And it makes me sad that society programs women not to protect ourselves.
We have to change as a society.
And women, in the meantime, we have to stand up for ourselves and know that we have the power to protect ourselves.

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Uncategorized: Boston Manhunt

The best summary of last night’s events is NPR’s live blog.

A good summary of the suspects at CBS news.

Listening live to WBUR, NPR’s Boston station:

Timeline via NPR.

Amazing pictures of a deserted Boston in lockdown.

I have to say that the whole police lockdown thing is scary in terms of civil liberties.
I’m not criticizing the police, I believe they are doing what is necessary to keep people safe, and I am really glad of that.
It just freaks me out, it’s like martial law.

Maps for reference on location via CNN.

Pictures from inside the lockdown via NPR.

Capture and the end of the manhunt.

Information about Chechnya.


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Uncategorized: Boston Marathon Bombings

I’m not sure how to process what has happened.
I would never have thought that I would feel this affected.

I went to Wellesley College, outside of Boston.
So I lived in that area for 3 years.
I also travel there fairly often to see my college friends who stayed in the area.

There is a special place in my heart for Boston.
To me, it is the great American city.

This whole thing is just so sad.
All my friends are safe.
It’s just really frightening.

Patton Oswalt said it best in his fb status update:

But the vast majority stands against that darkness and, like white blood cells attacking a virus, they dilute and weaken and eventually wash away the evil doers and, more importantly, the damage they wreak. This is beyond religion or creed or nation. We would not be here if humanity were inherently evil. We’d have eaten ourselves alive long ago.

So when you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance or fear or just garden-variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, “The good outnumber you, and we always will.”

Going to college outside of Boston this article also resonated with me:
You May Leave Boston, but Boston Never Leaves You

“This means that there are millions of men and women wandering around America today who spent some of the best years of their lives in and around Boston, walking some of the very streets splattered with blood yesterday in the wake of the Marathon bombings. Boston is where those students like me came of age.”

Weirdly comforting:
29 Reasons to Love Boston

And some appropriate humor via Colbert.

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Misc.: Tumblr

I created a Tumblr!

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Misc.: Hiatus until November 7


I am super busy at work, and therefore haven’t been posting. I feel especially guilty because I have all these shiny new followers! (SO MANY! and HI!)

So I just wanted to publish a post explaining that I will be on hiatus until November 7. Then this project at work will be over, and I will have voted, so all the election stuff will be over. My pledge to post more often will resume after I deal with life stuff.

I haven’t forgotten about you all!


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Misc.: Freshly Pressed and Other Updates


I got an email that I have been “freshly pressed”! Exciting!
So, if you’re new, welcome!

I can’t stop listening to “Your Drums Your Love” (below), but it cannot be purchased on amazon. Alternatively.
I just bought Ellie Goulding’s new album, and I’m really excited to listen to it because her last album was in heavy rotation in my life for a while. Definitely the best pop album in a while, and this latest album looks like it will live up to her previous one, so that’s awesome.
I wish Amazon cloud player worked better, because I don’t have iTunes on my work laptop.

We got a new Keurig at work, with no hot water spout, and now my PG Tips tea tastes like dirty coffee water. Damn.

I’m not really enthused with the new shows so far this fall TV season.
I’ve been watching lots of horror movies in time for Halloween.

I want to buy a ticket to Europe for this winter or spring, and the choices are so damn expensive!
It’s been too long since I was in Paris. It’s really unacceptable.
Right now I can buy an 800 dollar ticket to Paris if I fly through Russia.
Um, NO.
I would like to someday travel to Russia, but I am not going to make a 7 hour flight into a 20 hour ordeal. (EDIT: In some cases a 30 hour ordeal!)
So, I’m gonna have to work something out.
EDIT: Most likely fly to London (non-stop! yay!) and then Eurostar to Paris, since I want to go to both London and Paris, this could work. It will be expensive. But it will work.

Well that’s it for now. I’m endeavoring to post more, so watch this space!


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Culture: DNC Michelle Obama

This speech was so inspiring. I love Michelle Obama!

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Misc.: Space! Mars!

The Curiosity Rover’s First Color Photo of Mars

The Curiosity Rover’s First Color Photo of Mars

This picture is awesome.
And we landed a rover on Mars; that is pretty awesome.
Also, this comment is funny (via Gawker): “This is the first color photo of Mars we’re getting? An Instagram of a mountain? Is Curiosity taking photos with a RAZR? This is the worst photo I’ve ever seen. Fire everyone at NASA.”

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Culture: Online, Misogyny is Alive and Well.

Jezebel nailed it, per usual.

The harassment of this woman just trying to express her viewpoint is par for the course for women online. And is proof that misogyny is not dead. Unfortunately. And it is really sad, and numbing, and depressing. Sigh.

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My New Blog: Hello, This is Me!

So, internets, my name is Clare, this is my blog. 
It’s really a combination of everything I like, fashion, feminism, books, film, languages, literature, culture, travel, psychology, all kinds of stuff. 
Enjoy and come along with me on this blogging journey as I figure it out and express myself. 
Thanks for listening and watching and reading and looking.

One of my goals is to integrate all disparate pieces of me all over the internet and link them here, how that will work remains to be seen, so stay tuned! 

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Film: My Most Anticipated Summer Movies

Both movies contain Charlize Theron, coincidence? I think not.

1) Prometheus

2) Snow White and the Huntsman

Both previews give me chills!

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