Music: The 1975

I’ve been really into Brit rock recently.
And the radio turned me on to The 1975.
Their song “Sex” immediately caught my attention.
It reminds me of my teenage years.
Which is a bit disconcerting, feeling that teenage heartache again.
But also so cathartic and addictive.
Plus their album is spectacular.
I advise looking up the lyrics, all the better to feel those feelings.

Songs after the cut.

Curated for you, a couple songs:

The 1975 – Sex [EP Version]
(I posted this version because I don’t like the music video. “There’s only minutes before I drop you off / And all we seem to do is talk about sex”)

The 1975 – The City
(This music video is their best so far. “Don’t call it a fight when you know it’s a war / With nothing but your T-shirt on”)

The 1975 – Settle Down
(So many feelings! “And you’re losing your words / We’re speaking in bodies / Avoiding me talking ‘bout you”)


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