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Culture: “Fitspiration” Photos

The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible “Fitspiration” Photos.

This blog post popped up on my newsfeed and it’s awesome.
I hate those “fitspiration” photos on Pinterest and Tumblr.
They are so disturbing.
Exercise Anorexia is a very real thing. Let’s not encourage it. geez.
“Strong is the new skinny” is just all kinds of messed up.
And reading this reminded me of when broadcasters were picking apart the bodies of female athletes for not being skinny enough or pretty enough. WOW, they’re at the Olympics, have some goddamn respect.
So you see, it’s not really about being healthy, or strong, or proud of yourself. It’s more shaming of women.
Par for the course.
And I’m having none of it.

Choice quotes:

“Training so hard as to induce vomiting and uncontrollable sobbing is to slowly undermine the basic human judgement of what constitutes challenge versus what causes injury”

“Strong isn’t really replacing skinny; being skinny is no longer enough. Now, ladies, you need to be skinny and ripped. It’s an additional layer of self-loathing  (perfectly suited for hypergymnasiacs), just in case people had started to get desensitized to the omnipresent and psychologically crippling display of corpse-thin women in the media.”

“If your body or your mind says “it hurts” or “I need to stop”—and I’m going to be as clear as I can about this—FOR FUCK’S SAKE STOP. It isn’t even a joint health thing at this point, it’s just creepy.”


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Music: The 1975

I’ve been really into Brit rock recently.
And the radio turned me on to The 1975.
Their song “Sex” immediately caught my attention.
It reminds me of my teenage years.
Which is a bit disconcerting, feeling that teenage heartache again.
But also so cathartic and addictive.
Plus their album is spectacular.
I advise looking up the lyrics, all the better to feel those feelings.

Songs after the cut.

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Me: A New Category

You may have noticed a new category that popped up.
My first Me post was to inaugurate little updates about me into the blog.
But then I decided that I would also begin posting my essays that I want to write, about myself obviously.
So watch this space for my musings, observations, and opinions!

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If you haven’t noticed, most of my runway fashion posts come from has a huge catalog of runway shows.
They post shows almost instantaneously.
And I don’t visit as often as I would like because I would spend all day drooling over the shows.
And the reason I prefer is that they have the entire runway show, not their picks, I like to see the whole thing.
They also have really good quality photos and you can zoom in to see those artistic details. Invaluable.

They also post well written reviews of the various shows.
Have to appreciate good writing about fashion.

If you are into fashion you should definitely check out

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Fashion: Thom Browne Fall 2013

Thom Browne Fall 2013 Ready to Wear

Lets go back in time a little, to Thom Browne’s presentation for the season that is just beginning.

I love the textures and colors, so very fall, and so very British (the vision of UK upper class fashion in the international consciousness).
Luxurious and gorgeous.
And so over the top!
I’m not always into things that are over the top, it can be very much a caricature.
And perhaps people critique Thom Browne for that very reason, it veers to cartoonish.
However, I am newly aware of his work, and I am enraptured.

Some inspiration for fall:

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Fashion: Thom Browne Spring 2014

Thom Browne Spring 2014 Ready to Wear

What a crazy collection!
I love the sculptural elements in the pieces.
And I love how disturbed the runway show is, the models look almost grotesque! Awesome.

My favorites:

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Fashion: Libertine Spring 2014

Libertine Spring 2014 Ready to Wear

Some of the prints were a bit overdone/too repetitive.
But a good collection none the less.

Here are my favorites:

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Fashion: Maintaining the Illusion

I read an article over at Jezebel called Even if Fashion Is an ‘Illusion,’ It Still Has to Face Reality.


“As it stands right now, fashion is an illusion. It does not map onto real life. As the British Vogue film strives to show, it promotes an impossible ideal of beauty and body size. And, as the WaPo article argues, it’s an illusion in other ways as well: the industry continues to be hideously whitewashed even as America grows more diverse and countless mass retailers are propped up by unlawful and completely unethical labor practices. Acknowledging that “fashion imagery does not equal reality” is a good first step, but the real solution lies in making the world of fashion more accurately represent the real world — not in insinuating that it has no responsibility to.”

In reading this article I can’t help but think of how popular fashion bloggers have become.
And fashion bloggers are almost the anti-thesis of what fashion magazines claim their readers want.
A person who blogs about fashion (usually) looks like a real person, doesn’t have the technical skills to be overly photoshopped, and can’t afford to  wear “inspirational” clothes.
I’ve always been bothered by the fashion spreads as inspiration and so there is nothing in there a real person can afford.
I love fashion spreads as art, yes, I do not mean to diminish their beauty and importance in finding inspiration in fashion.
But I believe that those artful and amazing fashion spreads need to be interspersed with other features in a magazine that show clothes the reader can actually buy, and outfits they can actually put together.
And I think this is the void that fashion bloggers fill.
In a way I have sometimes found Tavi to be more inspirational than any fashion magazine I have read in the past 3 years.
And I’m not even going to start in on the fact that I haven’t seen a good fashion spread in a long time.
And I love beautiful actresses, but they are not models.

I think that fashion magazines have begun the march towards becoming obsolete because they are completely unaware of their own failings.

Everything has gotten so detached from reality that it’s just untenable.
And I don’t know where the Grace Coddington I fell in love with went.
All of Vogue is just ads, and half of the ads have ugly clothes in them.
And I love high quality products, they make me swoon, but I don’t love the industry.
I mean a well made purse is fabulous, but Marc Jacobs, 400 dollars for fake leather??? ARE YOU KIDDING?
Because I’m certainly not buying that.
I don’t agree with buying something just for the name. And I don’t like brand recognition.
I don’t want someone I see on the street to know how much I paid for something, I don’t choose my purses as status symbols. I choose them because I love the leather and the look of them. If they are a no-name brand, are well made, and don’t cost 400 dollars all the better!
Selling an “image” is so much a part of the white-washing and “illusion” problem.
You’re buying the Marc Jacob’s girl status. Her image. Who she is. She’s a slightly edgy rich white girl.
I just want to buy a purse.
I want to express my own self, my sense of style, my personality, not a designer’s.
I don’t need to see an “illusion” to be inspired. How very little imagination they must think we all have.
I know for myself it’s so hard to imagine a piece on myself when it’s on a model who looks so different, much smaller, a different shape, and different coloring.
Maybe if magazines actually showed how to convert trends in real life wear-ability people would be able to dress better.

I have a lot of feelings about fashion.
And the above is a bit of a jumble.
But the point is that I agree with the Jezebel article, and I hope the fashion industry gets a reality check.

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Psychology: Mark Manson

So I stumbled onto this website: Mark Manson (subtitle The Psychology of Life).
And he has some good articles and good observations.
I don’t agree with everything, but that’s life.
I have read a bunch of stuff because there can be some gems in there.
A summary of two articles I found to be really good are found after the cut.

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Travel: Backpacks

So I recently traveled to Italy.
I went at the beginning of August.
The absolute worst time to go weather-wise, and if you want things to actually be open.
But I had a great time regardless.

Before I left I bought two backpacks that were amazing and I thought I’d write a post about them.

1) North Face – Women’s Surge II
in black and turquoise
Features that I like:
– comfortable straps that fit my frame
– laptop compartment (separate from the main compartment)
– nice zippers that don’t stick
– tons of pockets and internal compartments (I actually use almost all of them)
– hipbelt that I can stow if I don’t want to use it (helps distribute the weight when it was really heavy carrying a ton of stuff)
– side water bottle pocket
– holds a lot of stuff
Overall I love this backpack, and once it wears out I will probably replace it with another North Face. Highly recommended.

2) Pacsafe – Camsafe Venture V16 Slingpack
in black
Features that I like:
– sits comfortably on my body
– I can sling it around to get to my camera without having to take it off
– there is a stabilizer strap to secure it from the other side
– multiple internal compartments and pockets
– side waterbottle pocket (or tripod)
– can hold a tablet / small computer (separate compartment)
– remove-able padded camera compartment
– “Tamper-proof zippers/compartments that lock or latch on to a spring-loaded metal clip thwarts pickpockets.”
Traveling to Italy I wanted a backpack that would be a bit harder for pick pockets to get into. Obviously if they were going to steal my stuff they were going to steal it regardless, but I wanted to make it a little harder. And you can choose to not secure the zippers if you want. Overall if you ignore the theft deterrent features this is still a really great camera backpack. I’m really pleased with it. I have a really nice DSLR and this is a much easier way to take it with me while I am out and about. Also highly recommended.

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