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Fashion: Cannes gowns 2013

My favorites from Cannes this year.

Nicole Kidman in Valentino

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Fashion: Cannes daytime 2013

My favorite looks from this year’s Cannes festival, in the daytime.

Zoe Saldana

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Art: Sven Fennema, Forgotten Places

As you all can tell from my Abandoned Places post I love empty buildings and abandoned places.
And I’ve seen some of these pictures floating around Tumblr and was enraptured by them.
These are not places you can visit as I unfortunately don’t know where they are.
However, you can own a piece of this beauty as these are pictures by a German photographer named Sven Fennema.

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Me: Blogging for a Year

I’ve been blogging for a year!
Wow, it doesn’t feel that long.
And I still feel like I’m figuring this out.

Happy Anniversary of Clare Blogging on the Internet!

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Design: Dairy Farm House

A dairy farm converted into a house!
Of all the converted houses I’ve seen, this one I can actually picture myself living in!
I’d need to redecorate a little though…



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Feminism: Rape and Self-Defense

If we teach women that there are only certain ways they may acceptably behave, we should not be surprised when they behave in those ways.

And we should not be surprised when they behave these ways during attempted or completed rapes.

This blog post is one of the best summaries of the whole rape culture thing.
Both quotes (above and below) are from the above linked blog post.

The way men and women interact on a daily basis is the way they interact when rape occurs. The social dynamics we see at play between men and women are the same social dynamics that cause men to feel rape is okay, and women to feel they have no right to object. And if you accept those social interactions as normal and appropriate in your day to day life, there is absolutely no reason you should be shocked that rape occurs without screaming, without fighting, without bruising, without provocation, and without prosecution. Behavior exists on a continuum. Rape doesn’t inhabit its own little corner of the world, where everything is suddenly all different now. The behavior you accept today is the behavior that becomes rape tomorrow. And you very well might accept it then, too.

And this is why all women need to take self-defense classes.
We have to practice defending ourselves.
I took self-defense classes at DC Impact and it was transformative.
Every woman in my class had a horrible experience related to sexual assault.
Every. single. woman. in. that. class.
And I saw every woman in my self-defense class work through that socialization of don’t be mean, apologize for hurting someone’s feelings (even when they are attacking you!) etc. etc. And it was only by the end of the class that we were all able to stand up for ourselves to protect ourselves from bodily harm. And it was inspiring.
I believe we maintain a state of denial about harassment happening because it’s not as scary if we pretend it doesn’t happen. Because it’s frightening to admit that this happens ALL THE TIME.
But in order for it to change we have to be able to confront it.
And when I mention self defense to the women in my life every single one of them expresses concern along the lines of “I don’t know what to do in the face of an attack”.
Self-defense is really important.
And I feel strongly that every woman should be able to protect herself from harm.
And it makes me sad that society programs women not to protect ourselves.
We have to change as a society.
And women, in the meantime, we have to stand up for ourselves and know that we have the power to protect ourselves.

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Film: Movie Stars and What the Face of Cinema Looks Like

  1. Festival de Cannes : anatomie des héros de cinéma
  2. France vs. US – What Do Movie Stars Looks Like?

Article number 1 is the original article, in French, with the infographic shown below. It was published in honor of Cannes.
Article number 2 is how I found the original article. It includes a brief summary translation and then in the comments there are some good translations of the infographic.
Nothing surprising about the data. My summary below the infographic.

My summary (mostly by translating the comment bubbles):

  1. In the US there are almost twice as many leading actors as there are leading actresses
  2. In France the leading actress is 10 years junior to the leading actor and in the US the leading actress is 15 years junior
  3. The career of actresses in the US drops off drastically at age 40, contrarily this is the ideal age for an actor.
  4. Looks graphic The Actress: France is marginally worse at diversity on screen for actresses. Both are crap at overall diversity.
  5. Looks graphic The Actor: France is marginally better at diversity on screen for actors, especially those from Northern Africa (Maghreb = Northwest Africa, west of Egypt). Both are crap at overall diversity.

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Feminism: Sexual Assault and Not Understanding Social Cues

“He might be on the spectrum.” But what about me?

“It’s like the sun rising in the east: Whenever the subject of harassment or stalking comes up, you invariably get a bunch of dudes barging in, insisting that the guy who followed you and screamed at you for not paying attention to him, the guy who groped you, the guy who tried to follow you home, the guy who kept looking you up and down when you were wearing a turtleneck at brunch with your friend, the guy who refused to accept the “no” and the “I’m not interested,” the guy who waited for you outside of your place, the guy who told you how the way you look gave him a boner, might have had Asperger’s or was somehow autistic. He just had problems understanding social cues/rules.”

Interesting article. It throws into perspective the excuse of “He’s really a nice guy”. If you have to explain away someone’s experience with a statement like that, I call BS. He may be a “nice guy”* most of the time, but in this instance he was not being “nice”. I think it’s scary how pervasive the dismissal of a woman’s experience of sexual harassment is in this day and age.

*tangentially related to the feminist definition of the “Nice Guy” phenomenon. Posts about that at a later date.

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Film: Girl Rising

Women and Hollywood coverage: “Regal Cinemas Bringing Girl Rising to Theaters

There is this amazing documentary coming to theaters.
And it’s about educating girls.
It’s called Girl Rising.

The best way to improve the status of women in the world is through access in education.
And there are many places in the world where girls cannot get an education.
This movie tells the stories of 9 girls from 9 countries.
Education can change the world.
And it is one of the tools to help women reach full equality worldwide.

Overall it looks like an incredibly powerful movie.
And it’s amazing how many wonderful actresses are behind this project.

The Trailer:


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