Misc.: Concerning Humans 25 and Over

Please note, I didn’t write the 25 and Over list. It is properly cited at the bottom of the original post with both it’s source and the way that I found it on the internets.
I also don’t agree with everything written on the list.
I think some of them are helpful.

Some of my opinions related to the list:
1) Thank You Notes: I believe in thank you notes, however, I have not written a thank you note in recent memory. I have decided to start.
2) Inviting Yourself to Stay: Still working on this one. The last time I traveled I felt that for one friend I was really imposing and should not have asked to stay with them. However, for another friend it ended up being a lovely end to my trip. So it depends.
3) Moving RE Friends: I just moved, and I agree with this one, although it depends on money and your friends.
4) Physical Awareness: I have felt this way ever since I can remember. Common courtesy in human interaction.
5) On Time: If I arrive within that 15 minute window I’m good… right?
6) Enough Money: I view this as more like “don’t pretend you have more money and force other people to pay for the difference”.
7) Tipping: Knowing how to calculate the tip is a skill you should have by now.
8) Sharing Dreams: Sometimes I like hearing about peoples’s dreams. Most of the time it’s just awkward. Also, I do the whole Freudian dream interpretation thing, so you’re probably telling me WAY more than you want to be telling me.
9) Heels: I don’t ever wear heels anymore (French cobblestone streets and twisting my ankle 4 times in Paris are to thank for that). I think all people should know how to walk in their shoes; this applies to all genders, and all kinds of shoes.
10) Dress-Up: Not dressing up for an important event is disrespectful. But in the end it’s your life; wear whatever you damn well please.
11) Invitations: Not doing as invitations ask is rude, and disrespectful.
12) Know How: Seriously, learn how to do things. As one commenter pointed out: google, use it.
13) Using Your Friends: This bodes for all ages really, but it’s especially crappy when you are an “official adult” and use them to do things you can do yourself.
14) Talking About: I don’t need to hear everything about your job because I go to work too, I don’t care to talk about “deliverables” and “actionable intelligence” when I am not at work. Same with school, I did homework, I don’t need to talk about it every minute of every day. Exceptions to me are things like:  “Hey, I learned this cool thing at work today about how big institutions interact with banks, I thought you might want to know too”; or, “My women’s studies class was talking about gender identity and it made me think of when you were a tomboy growing up, how do you feel that affected the way you present yourself to the world?”. Something where the other person gets to participate, where it’s not just a monologue of “Here are my accomplishments today. Now fawn all over me please.”
15) Favors: I agree wholeheartedly.
16) Drinking: Alcoholism. Not funny.
17) Real Paper Products: Yes. I do think you should own a wastebasket. And an ashtray. Seriously.
18) Quiet Hours: Yes.
19) Take Care of Yourself: YES. Emphatically this!
20) Rudeness: Be civil, you exist with other people in a society. If you don’t want to be civil, then please exile yourself.



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2 responses to “Misc.: Concerning Humans 25 and Over

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  2. I also generally agree with #9, but the description of walking in heels as anything akin to riding a bike is pretty silly. You shouldn’t need any sort of momentum in order to stay up in heels. If you do, the heels a) don’t fit you or b) are too high.


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