Language: Duolingo

I was a French major in college, and I picked French in order to study and live abroad for a year.
I originally picked French as a language to study when I returned to the states in middle school.
French is a truly beautiful language, and I feel so proud of myself that I am able to speak it.
Sometimes I don’t realize quite how much work I have put in to learning French and learning about French culture.
While back in the States after my year abroad, and my subsequent graduation from college, I almost never have an occasion to speak French. Thus, my French skills have begun to deteriorate (at least that’s how I think of it).
Then a college roommate of mine told me about Duolingo. This website is awesome.
You get to translate the web while practicing (or learning) a language! They have languages other than French as well. I may use it to keep up my Italian.
And what I really need the most practice in is my written French because it informs the grammar of my spoken French.
So I just wanted to share what a cool new tool I am using and it’s already flexing those French language muscles in my brain. It’s lovely.

My heart aches for Paris. Sigh.



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2 responses to “Language: Duolingo

  1. Aw, languages… a topic close to my heart…
    Have you tried doing language exchange chats via skype? There are tons of French people itching to practice their English. The idea is that you chat for a bit in English and for a bit in French. It’s always a bit weird at first, but within a few sessions, you start to build rapport, and it becomes very enjoyable. The internet makes it all possible 🙂
    Would be a shame to lose it when you’ve already invested so much time and effort….


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