Film: Tim Burton and Dark Shadows

So I read this article on Deadspin, and it made me think about Tim Burton, as I am wont to do, especially after the fiasco that was his Alice in Wonderland. Ironically the best part about Alice was the “real world” part. Sigh.

Tim Burton and Dark Shadows

Tim Burton and Dark Shadows

My thoughts on Tim Burton:

I totally agree with the article about Tim Burton, this was the whole problem with Alice, there was nothing truly original in it, it just fell completely short, besides the sometimes great costumes I was bored the whole time. what a waste. I disagree about Edward Scissorhands, I think it succeeded in that it became basically a creepy John Hughes movie. I know I won’t like Dark Shadows, it looks awful. And a perceived and possibly great talent goes to waste and ultimately to seed, sad. I thought for a long time that the beauty that is Nightmare Before Christmas was enough, that that would come out in his other movies, but ultimately, I think it was a masterpiece in spite of Tim Burton, given how all the rest of his movies just never lived up to it, ever, even kind of. And I am no longer a fan, and I’m sad about it.
He was poised to be one of my favorite film makers of all time, but he just never lived up to his reputation. Damn.

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