Fashion: 15 Dresses for 15 Body Types

So I am really good at knowing what looks good on me, fashion wise. My mom taught me well, and I have a good eye. So my friends will sometimes ask me to go shopping with them and help them find stuff, pick out new clothes.

So I was really happy when I came across Refinery 29‘s article 15 Perfect Spring Dresses for 15 Body Types.  Because really, the 3 or 4 most commonly referenced body types in fashion magazines just don’t cut it. These 15 are more like the shapes I see of the women around me. And presenting these different body shapes in a positive light as well as giving fashion recommendations. So now I can help my friends a bit better because this slideshow totally makes sense to me, it breaks it down in a way that I can relate to.

Now if only Refinery 29 would do this for jeans… sigh.


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