Feminism: It Happens All the Time (via Rookie Mag)

It Happens All the Time

“A private conversation about street harassment, made public. […]

It dawned on us that you can take any random group of girls and women, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them will have multiple stories of terrible things that were said to them and done to them on the street by strangers, as a matter of course. Just the normal state of affairs when you are out in public, being female. Like, we’re not special. This happens to everybody.”

This is so true, and definitely reflects the stories I heard from the women with whom I took my self-defense class.
Every woman, your mom, your sister, your daughter, your niece, your aunt, your best friend, we all have stories like this.
And we think about these things every single time we walk down a street alone, especially at night.
I had some pretty horrible street harassment happen to me in France (being followed in a car, getting slapped in the face, getting grabbed, getting yelled at, etc.) and I know many women who have had similar experiences.
Street harassment is an epidemic.
You can take self defense in DC at DC Impact, which also has other chapters around the US.
Protect yourself, and lets all stand up to street harassment together.


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